History of the Wall of Fame

 The purpose of the Wall of Fame is to recognize those people in our area that have been involved in the music and the dance for many years in some form or another.            

The Wall committee selects those people, nominated by their peers, which meet certain criteria.  They should have strong ties to the Triad area with boundaries from Salisbury, Asheboro, Raleigh and the NC/VA line. They are selected from three categories:  Dancer, Contributor, and DJ.  Each member of the Wall may nominate one person each year but only if they wish to do so.  Since age is not a factor, Beth Mitchell was the youngest inductee, chosen in 2005, and the oldest is 70+.

The Wall of Fame began in 1994 as part of the Bunk Leach Charity Mixed Doubles Contest at the first Thirsty's and continued through 1998 when the club closed a few months later.  The first year, some of those chosen were pioneers and innovators like Bunk Leach, Lacy Moore, George Lineberry, Louise Hunsucker, Shad Alberty, Rick Lyman, Bill Griffin and Spider Kirkman.

When Thirsty's 2 opened in 2002, the Wall of Fame ceremonies continued again.  Since the inception, the Wall of Fame has inducted a total of 126 people from our area over a period of 15 years.

If it wasn’t for the Wall of Fame, some people may not ever be recognized.  This is the reason the Wall of Fame continues each year so those great legends are never forgotten.

Article Written by Linda Reeder


1994 Wall of Fame Photos 

Vivian Weaver / Spider Kirkman / Louise Hunsucker / Rick Lyman / George Lineberry

Bunk Leach / Lacy Moore / Shag Alberty / Kay McCranie / Bill Griffin / Puddin Swofford


1995 Wall of Fame Photos 

Ervin Ellington / Kenneth Carter / Laura Walton / Pete McCollum / Louie Madden

Bill Clinard / Bootsie Swinney Brawley / Danny Bean / Alton Moon

1996 Wall of Fame Photos 

Butch Metcalf / Larry McCranie / Buzz Sawyer / Chick Hedrick / Ed Page / Tookie Lee / Jimmy Hayes

1997 Wall of Fame Photos 

Gene Petty / Jack Smith / Susie Beaver / Zack Clinard / Dewey Kennedy / Glenn Doub / Virgil Fear

1998 Wall of Fame Photos 

Ronnie Duggins / Sharon Phillips / Phil Pritchard / Janet Harrold / Chicken Hicks

Mike Tobin / Millie Arrington / Jet Jackson / Candy Brooks / Wink Jenkins

2002 Wall of Fame Photos 

Jim Waye / Sandy Lowder / Tony Eldreth / Judy Moore / Henry Moody / Shirley Leach

2003 Wall of Fame Photos 

Dave Moore / Jessica Shields / Judy Davis / Vickie Chambers

Connie Bridges / Linda Reeder / Thurston Reeder / Ann Adkins

2004 Wall of Fame Photos 

Johnny Cottingham / Dock Gilley / Laura Burdick / Bob Myrick / Cheri Gilley / Paul Allen / Miles Burick

2005 Wall of Fame Photos 

Turkey Martin / Gwen Fitts / Tommy Martin / Kaye Cottingham / Jim Carroll / Beth Mitchell / Art Newnam

2006 Wall of Fame Photos 

Ric "Shore" Walden / Arnold King / Montine Bridges / Rock Carter / Lee West

John Harrold / Rosalind Allen / Sumter Brawley / Larry Stinson / Linda Cook


2007 Wall of Fame Photos 

Kim Maynard '/ Betty Carroll / Max Madrin / Mary Lynn Myrick

Snooks Swofford / Debra Barta / Steve Dean / Joan Setzer / Jim Furr


2008 Wall of Fame Photos 

Jim Brooks / Ellen "Stringfellow" Taquino / Norfleet Jones / Dana Sawyer / Russ Riley / Debbie Rickard / H. Lee Brown

2009 Wall of Fame Photos 

Edward Boonie Boone / Sheree Martin / David Campbell / Terri Cox

Jimmy Rainey / Donna Duggins / Tubby Madden / Maria Dean / Jack Rickard


2010 Wall of Fame Photos 

Lynn Stephenson / Ronnie Holland / Judy Martin / Jeppy McDowell / Kelsey Hodges

Rich Humphrey / Barbara Rickard / Dan Phillips / D.K. McLaughlin


2011 Wall of Fame Photos 

Calvin White / Linda Cody Osborne / Rocky Rogers / Nancy Lee Mitchell / Gene Briles

Pat Joyce / Roger Mills / Loretta Lee McIntosh / Jim Osborne / Connie Smith


2012 Wall of Fame Photos 

Bryan Hall / Donnie Hodnett / Steve Baker / Julie Trull / Monty Simpson

Barbara Hayes / Chris Stephenson / Elaine Clinard / Mike Simmons / Helen Madrin

2013 Wall of Fame Photos 

Archer Joyce / Carol Hiatt Huff / Frank Brantley / Jimmy Soles / Kay Taylor

Martha Shoffner / Milton Nowell / Peggy Waye / Ricky Shoemaker / Tommy Elliott

2014 Wall of Fame Photos 

Vickie Briles / Tom Shipman / Gail Simpson / Susan Neal

Sy Creed / Betsy Pritchard / Big John Thompson / Glenda Kirkman

2015 Wall of Fame Photos 

Ben Vick / Bill Moore / Mary Moore / Steve Carter / Chad Sain

Johnny Clinard / Gunda Parsons / Willie McFadden / William Greene / Deborah Stanton

2016 Wall of Fame Photos 

Debbie Durham / Ann Stegall / Anne Hall / Joan Williams / Carol Oakley / Penny Moore

Ken Taylor / Greg Stegall / Dwight Stanton / Ted Keaton / Allen Stewart

2017 Wall of Fame Photos 

Tonya Brantley / Kristal Taylor / Mary Wallace / Susan Petty / Terri Moore

Darrell Gaither / Lowell Hatcher / Ken Adkins / Gary Champion

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